Adobe CC license FAQ

About the Program

Adobe Creative Cloud Licenses are available at a significant discount through Arts & Sciences as part of a three-year trial. There are 200 total licenses available, 20% of which are available to faculty and staff. 

Terms of the License

Will the discounted Adobe CC license include all of the apps?

Yes, all the apps are part of this program. Visit to see the list of all apps that are part of the program.

When does the license expire?

Licenses will begin and renew each year on the day you were issued the license. This will be from approximately August to August.

How much does a license cost?

Adobe CC licenses are available for $50.00 per year, per license.

Who can purchase a discounted license through Arts & Sciences?

Students, faculty and staff in Arts & Sciences may purchase licenses.

Purchasing and Installing

Student Purchases

Students may purchase the annual Creative Cloud license securely using a credit card.
Purchase a license

Faculty or Staff Purchases

Faculty and staff licenses may be requested via this web form. Because the number of licenses available to this group is limited, we will reply via email to confirm a license is available. If so, we will charge the department number provided on the form.

How to download and install Adobe CC on an Apple OS

An email will be sent to the license-holder with instructions for downloading and installing, however you may also follow the instructions below.

Download and install the Creative Cloud app here:

If you have previously signed up, please remember to log in to your creative cloud account to activate Adobe CS on your system

  1. Click on the cloud services icon at the top of your desktop and you will be taken to the login page.
  2. If 2-step verification is enabled in your account, you will be asked to retrieve the 6-digit code from your mobile device.
  3. Once you have entered your code, the Adobe apps will begin to work.
  4. To look for updates, click on the adobe cloud icon and go to Apps. There you will be given an option to install or update all adobe.

Canceling Membership

Can I cancel my current membership if I just purchased it directly from Adobe?

Yes. Visit this link at Adobe for additional information. You may need to speak directly with customer service. We encourage you to be specific with customer service that you are continuing to use the product, but that you are doing so under a school agreement that is still paying for the license.

If I leave the university before the 1-year license is over, can I keep the license through the end of the license year?

If an individual ceases to be a student, faculty, or staff memebr during the license term, such individual must de-install their copy of the products and services and cease usage.