Get Started with Extempore in Canvas

  1. Create an Extempore Account in the Arts & Sciences License

  2. Create a New Class and Assessment(s) in Extempore

  3. Invite your students to Enroll in your Extempore Class

  4. Create a New Assignment in Canvas

    1. From the Assignments page, click the red button to add a new assignment.

    2. Give the assignment a title
    3. In the "Submission Type"box, select "External Tool" from the pull-down.
    4. In the "Enter or find an External Tool URL field, type "Extempore" and click "find."
    5. Select Extempore from the list that appears and click "Select."

    6. You will see a list of your available Extempore Assessments. Click "Connect" to embed that assessment into this Canvas assignment.

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