New Tools for Online Teaching

Resources for fall 2020 hybrid and online courses

New Options in Canvas for Language Courses


VoiceThread is a media player with an interactive discussion space that allows students to create comments, upload files and media, and interact with one another.

How to use VoiceThread in Canvas


Extempore allows instructors to obtain and assess authentic speech without having to schedule face to-face time with each student. Instructors can now create an activity on the Extempore website, selecting a set of parameters for each question, depending on the learning objectives. When configuring a final exam or any other form of summative assessment, for example, the teacher may limit the time the student has between reviewing the prompt and answering the question. The Extempore app also allows the instructor to decide whether students can re-record their answers. For practice assignments or for any other form of formative assessment, on the other hand, timing restrictions can be more flexible. 


Extempore Lunch and Learn Training Webinars. 

Samsung Galaxy A Tablet 

Available to A&S faculty on request, this tool makes using a digital whiteboard much easier!

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New Software for Online Teaching

A Web Whiteboard 

Coupled with a tablet, phone, or computer, AWW can be used as a collaborative whiteboard. We are working on integrating it with our systems and creating some documentation. For instructors that do not have tablets, we can provide a Samsung Galaxy A Tablet. 

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Poll Everywhere

This is a web-based response system can be used to gather real-time responses from your students to a variety of question types including multiple choice questions, word clouds, and clickable images. Using a laptop or smartphone, students can respond via a web browser, an app, or even through SMS texting for certain question types.  Coming in late fall 2020: Poll Everywhere will be integrated with Canvas.

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Non-Pooled Classroom Equipment

    Equipment for Teaching in Arts & Sciences-owned (non-pooled classroom) Spaces

    We have worked with department chairs to select one of two packages for A&S non-pooled classrooms.  Contact your chair to see which will be available if you teach in a non-pooled classroom.

    1. Traditional WebCam
    2. OWL Pro

    Please note that some A&S rooms that were used for teaching in the past are not large enough to accommodate social distancing requirements and will not be outfitted with new equipment. Contact us if you have questions about this.

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