Instructor FAQ for Interpreting Course Listings

Confused about how to interpret course listings? See below for common questions and answers. 

How is the modality of my course indicated in course listings (

Information about course modality is present in two places; one is “instruction type”, which is visible only if you click on “details” for your course. Here it will list one of three options:

· “Remote per COVID 19” indicates a fully remote course.

· “Hybrid” indicates some in person component exists within the course (can be subsections or some course sections in a multi-section course).

· “Classroom instruction” means remote participants are not allowed, students must be on campus to participate in the class.

The other place this information can be found is the assigned building/room. Sections or subsections that will be offered remotely will have Remote/LA as the building and room (LA for Liberal Arts), while sections or subsections that will have an in-person component will either have a classroom assigned, or indicate “TBA” for room.

I said I was teaching remotely but my course instruction type says hybrid! Is that a mistake?

If you are teaching one section of a multi-section course, e.g., many languages, College Writing themes, etc, and some of the sections are being taught in person, the overall course instruction type will be hybrid. Your section should indicate ‘Remote/LA” for its building assignment.

If you are teaching a lecture that has some in person discussion or lab sections, the overall course instruction type will be hybrid. Your lecture should indicate ‘Remote/LA” for its building assignment. If neither of the above reflects your situation, please reach out to the College.

My classroom is “TBA”; how do I know if it will fit all my enrolled students or only some?

We hope to finalize classroom assignments by the beginning of the third week of August. As of now, all classes with 22 or fewer students are accommodated in a classroom that seats all their students.

For courses between 23-49, we can at least match you with a classroom that allows for once a week attendance.

Any class over 50 is accommodated in a classroom that will allow students to attend class once a week (so, seating = 50% enrollment if course meets twice a week, 33% enrollment if course meets 3 or more times a week).

Courses/sections which meet once a week are accommodated in classrooms that seat their full enrollment.  As we learn more about how many students will participate remotely, we hope to be able to accommodate larger classes in rooms seating their full enrollment.

How will I know if I have fully remote students in my class?

Students are indicating their intention to study fully remotely during the week of August 3; a milestone will be placed on their records to indicate they are fully remote. We have not yet determined how that information will be visible to faculty, but we’re working on it.