Services for Economics Graduate Students


Graduate students in Economics are offered a special printing service.  When printing to the SSC Grad Reserved Lab, the First Year Suite, or the Econ Mail room printers, students will be charged 0 cents per page.  This quantity is monitored by Economics and may incur fees if students print more than the Econ Department allots.

Students can use their WUSTL Key credentials to log into the lab machines in the SSC Reserved Grad Lab or the First Year Suite in order to take advantage - the printers will add themselves automatically.

Mac printing and printing from personal devices is not supported. 

Economics Mail Room Printing for PhD Students

Economics Graduate students are allowed to connect their personal machines to the printer located in the Economics Mail Room in Seigle 307 (or the printers in the Econ 1st Year Suite or The SSC Reserved Lab).

To install PaperCut and the Printer for Windows 7 Pro, please follow these instructions in order:

1.  Connect to the Washington University wireless network via WUSTL 2.0 or use a wired connection.  GUEST or off campus connections will not work for setup or use.

2.  You will need to download the PaperCut installation files.

3.  Extract the folder and then run the PaperCut installer (client-local-install.exe) with all the default settings.  At the end, it will prompt you to enter you PaperCut username and password.  This is your WUSTL Key.  Enter your information and have the client save your credentials for ease of future access.

4.  Start Menu --> Control Panel --> Credentials Manager.  Click "Add a Windows Credential" and fill it out as follows:

Network location:

Username: AS-ACCOUNTS\[insert your WUSTL Key username]

Password: [your password - without brackets]

5.  Start Menu --> Devices and Printers --> Add a printer

6.  In the wizard that comes up, select "Add a Network Printer".  Select "The Printer that I want isn't listed."

7.  In the next screen, choose to Select a shared printer by name and enter this into the field:


8.  It should ask if you want to allow the printer to install the driver.  Say Yes, and continue until complete.

9.  You are all set up!  Try printing.  Each time you print, you must be on a secure WU connection (either WUSTL 2.0 or a wired connection) and running PaperCut.  PaperCut will prompt you on every print job.  Enter your WUSTL Key credentials and it should confirm your print before sending the job to the printer.

If you are having problems, please be sure you have followed all directions carefully. Failing that, contact Lucas for assistance, but printing from personally owned laptops is not a supported service. Mac printing instructions are not available. 

If you'd like to use the Economics owned printer in the Social Sciences Reserved Computing lab printer instead of the Econ Mail Room printer, you would use the same path but type in "LA_EconGradLab instead" or for the first year suite use "LA_Econ1stYrSuite"

R Resources

Where to obtain R

R is available for free.  Download links can be found below.

Resources about R

Arts & Sciences Computing supports the use and development of the R statistical software package. Accordingly, we provide the following links to resources about R.  The principal designer of S was John Chambers who works at Bell Labs and is a consulting professor of statistics at Stanford University.

Founders/What is R?

R is an implementation of the S programming language created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman.  It is often said that S is the language, R is the dialect.






Status of the R project

Building R packages

Scientific Applications for R