Academic Integrity Committee

Faculty members of the committee serve three-year terms with responsibilities as follows:

  • to serve on panels of one other faculty member and two student members of the Committee to adjudicate academic integrity cases brought by an Arts & Sciences (A&S) faculty or studentĀ 
    • to read and hear evidence from the student and the faculty member; andĀ 
    • to determine whether it is more likely than not that a violation has occurred;
  • to maintain strict confidentiality of all complaints, evidence, hearings, and deliberations;
  • to become familiar with procedural responsibilities and to observe hearings during a training period;
  • to attend regular meetings of the Committee;
  • to stay up to date on all information conveyed by student co-chairs and academic integrity officers and support staff; and
  • to promote awareness of academic integrity among A&S faculty, from time to time, by:
    • offering recommendations, updates, advice, etc., that concern academic integrity;
    • clarifying policies and procedures to departments and to faculty members; and
    • reviewing and, as necessary, revising those policies and procedures.