Research Support

Developing your Research, Scholarship, and Creative Practice

If you have recently arrived at Washington University and want to get started on research in Arts & Sciences, please make note of the following websites: 

Arts & Sciences Grants Administration Integrated Network (GAIN) Contact List
GAIN team members are your partners in research and grants administration. They provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of grants, from proposal & budget development and submission to award management and closeout. Please coordinate with you GAIN partner on any matters related to grants.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR)
The OVCR offers resources for identifying funding sources, research analytics, and university research announcements. 

Core Facilities
Search and find core facilities to help with your research. 

Arts & Sciences Computing

A&S Computing provides technology resources to A&S faculty, staff, and students. Services range from reservable computer classrooms to High Performance Computing access to personalized client support.

Research Infrastructure Services

Research Infrastructure Services includes access to a scientific computer cluster and data storage platform. The service is available to all WashU faculty, staff, or students involved in research.

ONE is a portal that connects you to systems and services across WashU. Think of it as an app store for university systems and services. 

Arts & Sciences Strategic Plan
Explore the Arts & Sciences Strategic Plan to see how your research interests may align with its Signature Initiatives.

University Advancement Foundation Relations

Supports Danforth faculty, leaders, and GAIN via funding leads, funder research, grant narrative preparation, and other submission/stewardship tasks

    Pilot/Seed Proposal Funding

    Course Release/Leaves/Fellowships

    Proposal Development, and Paper/Proposal Review Programs

    • Proposal Evaluation Program
      • The Proposal Evaluation Program provides faculty members with an opportunity to submit their scientific and research plans for external funding to a panel of internal and external reviewers ahead of the funding sponsor deadline.
    • OVCR Scientific Editing Service for Proposals
      • The Research Development Office offers a review and editing service for grant proposals.
    • OVCR Idea and Team Development
      • The Research Development Office offers tools to help find a collaborator, Research Networking Groups (RNGs) and seed funding. The also offer help putting together a white paper. 
    • OVCR Proposal Management Services
      • Our Research Development Office (RDO) also offers advice for any proposal and answer questions about any opportunity.
    • Weidenbaum Pre-Review Program
      • The Weidenbaum Center will fund up to five proposals (each) from the departments of Economics, Sociology, and Political Science (though the program is open to all of the social sciences).



    Required Training

    Learn @ work is consolidated, streamlined, personalized training experience for the WashU community. Everyone must complete:

    • Personnel Activity Report Training
    • Code of Conduct
    • Conflict of Interest Disclosure
    • Financial Conflict of Interest

    Working with Chemicals, Lasers, etc.

    Working with Animals

    Working with Humans

    Funding Opportunities Newsletter 

    See the most current edition of the newsletter and browse the archive for funding opportunities.

    Read the Newsletter

    Finding Funding

    Finding Internal and External Funding

    Faculty Across Arts & Sciences

    Students Across Arts & Sciences

    The Graduate Center’s funding database for graduate and professional students helps connect students with funding opportunities. 

    Humanities Faculty

    Visit The Center for the Humanities. The center provides support for innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship for faculty and graduate students.

    Social and Physical Sciences Faculty

    Developing and Submitting your Proposal

    Foundation Funding

    Other Resources

    Faculty Teaching & Research Interests Database

    Search the Arts & Sciences Faculty Teaching and Research Interests Database to learn more about faculty members' research interests and to identify potential collaborators.

    Browse the Database