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Arts & Sciences’ overarching goal is to fulfill the potential of our students to rise to the myriad challenges presented by an increasingly complex world. We achieve this by exposing our students to great faculty and to new ideas. Our faculty across our disparate disciplines inspire deep learning as they bring the newest advances in research to the seminar room, classroom, lecture hall and lab. The education we offer gives our students the skills to negotiate the complexities of living in a highly advanced, technological, multicultural society.

In Arts & Sciences, we are proud to support our faculty scholars, whose work in and out of the classroom helps to address and solve most difficult problems covering the full range of human experience. We are grateful that their work enables Washington University to offer the very best learning experience for our students and the very best research environment for our faculty. 

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University Resources

  • The Teaching Center

    The Teaching Center works with faculty to design and evaluate evidence-based pedagogy, as well as providing formalized training in effective teaching for graduate students and postdocs.

  • Canvas

    Washington University in St. Louis has adopted Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS). Learn more about this tool on this general resource page.

  • Syllabi Central

    Syllabi Central will serve as a repository for all course syllabi, providing a valuable resource for students and the College of Arts & Sciences. All faculty and instructors will be asked to upload their syllabi beginning in the fall 2019 semester.

  • Inclusive teaching and learning

    A resource for teaching and learning practices that are instrumental in creating and maintaining a learning environment in which all participants are fully engaged and respected.