Awards & Recognition

Every year, Arts & Sciences recognizes outstanding faculty and staff with awards for contributions to teaching, research, and service. 

Distinguished Faculty Awards

Faculty Leadership Award

The Faculty Leadership Award in Arts & Sciences is awarded to an outstanding faculty member in recognition of exceptional service to the University. The award was established in 2014 by Dean Barbara Schaal in recognition of a long history of outstanding faculty leaders who have shaped the University, from developing educational programs and policy to serving on committees and in administration. 

Excellence in Teaching Award

The Excellence in Teaching Award in Arts & Sciences was established in 2014 by Dean Barbara Schaal to honor and publicly recognize an outstanding faculty member in Arts & Sciences for his or her exceptional teaching. Arts & Sciences has a long history of distinguished educators and innovative teaching that enriches the lives of undergraduate and graduate students, and the establishment of this award is a tribute to this tradition. 

David Hadas Teaching Award

The David Hadas Teaching Award in Arts & Sciences was established in his name in 2008 by Pamela W. Hadas to honor and publicly recognize an outstanding tenured faculty member in Arts & Sciences who demonstrates commitment and excellence in teaching first year undergraduate students.

Dean’s Award for Diversity Advancement

This award will be given annually and recognizes contributions from Arts & Sciences faculty who advance diversity in research, teaching, or service. This award highlights transformative research, teaching, or creative practice that significantly advances and promotes diversity on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, neurological ability, socioeconomic status, age, nationality, or sexual identity. Contributions might include research that has driven a change in the nominee’s field of study, teaching or mentoring that significantly benefits underrepresented groups, or service that improves campus culture in ways that advance diversity and inclusion. Self-nominations will be accepted.


Outstanding Staff Awards

The Arts & Sciences Outstanding Staff Awards are presented annually to non-teaching personnel who make significant contributions to the effectiveness of the teaching, advising, counseling, and research efforts in Arts & Sciences. There are two staff award categories:

Staff Leadership Award
This award honors a staff member who demonstrates exceptional initiative and outstanding execution in efforts that help advance the mission of Arts & Sciences. Awardees are particularly adept at understanding the needs of the school and their unit; working with faculty, staff, and leadership to advance efforts that meet these needs; supporting diversity efforts; and fostering a culture of teamwork and inspiring excellence in others. This award is open to any full-time A&S staff member.

Staff Service Award
This award recognizes a staff member who has been a key player in operations that are critical to their unit and to Arts & Sciences. Awardees’ performance has consistently exceeded expectations, improved operational effectiveness, and established themselves as a reliable and trusted colleague. This award is open to any full-time A&S staff member.

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Other Awards and Honors

Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award

Each year, this award recognizes educators for their passion for teaching, their impact on student learning, and their knowledge and creativity. Awards are given during an awards ceremony with a reception each November. Washington University honorees are selected for innovation and leadership in undergraduate teaching. The honorees are nominated by the deans of their respective schools and by The Teaching Center. Read more. 


Washington University Teaching Awards

Awarded annually to an outstanding faculty member from one of the seven Danforth Campus schools. Criteria for selection are: Outstanding achievement in research and scholarship; recognized prominence within the community of scholars; service and dedication to the betterment of the university; and respected accomplishments in teaching. Read more.