Faculty Activity Reporting

Overview & Instructions

Once a year, departments submit faculty activity reports to the dean's office. Arts & Sciences is currently using an application called Activity Insight for this purpose.

For additional user support, please contact your departmental support contact or send an email to ARTSCI-FACREPORTS@EMAIL.WUSTL.EDU.

Please see the list of Frequently Asked Questions below. For all other questions and comments, please contact Ken Keller, Director of A&S Computing, or Maggie Fiock, Director of Arts & Sciences Data Analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

The annual faculty report consists of two parts: (1) providing information on the past year's activities and (2) a copy of your current CV. Information on the past year should be reviewed and/or entered as needed in the appropriate section. You can upload a copy of your CV at the end of the section called "General Information/Personal and Contact Information."  

What is the date range for which I need to provide information?

Unless otherwise specified by your department, you will need to provide information for the past academic year.

I'm feeling overwhelmed. Do I really need to enter all of my information from the beginning of my career?

No, there is no need to type in your entire CV. You only need to enter or verify the information for the past academic year.

How do I assign a proxy to enter the information on my behalf?

Send your request with the proxy's name and email address to ARTSCI-FACREPORTS@EMAIL.WUSTL.EDU.

What should I know, or do, if I am using A&S Computing entry service?

A&S Computing will only enter information from applicable (past) academic year.  They will not enter items from other academic years.  Any information on your CV that does not have a date cannot be entered.  Please make sure that any information that you wanted entered for you has dates associated with it.

What information is most commonly missing from a CV and is therefore not populated for me by A&S Computing?

The most frequently missing information is associated dates.  In many cases, CVs do not included advising information that include dates, dissertation committee work with dates, or honors with dates received.  Without dates included, the information cannot be entered. 

I've just discovered an error. What should I do?

If it is an error in an editable field, please make the correction in the system. For all other errors please send an email with specific details to Jonathan Cohen and your departmental administrator.

Our department has a new faculty member who is not in the system. What should we do?

Please notify Jonathan Cohen, but keep in mind that since the report covers the past academic year much of this will not be applicable. The new faculty member is encouraged to upload a current copy of the CV.



The number of publications appears to be correct. Does anything else need to be done?

Yes, please take a moment to review each publication entry individually to make sure that you are satisfied with the information and that no further elaboration (such as additional authors) is needed.



My syllabi only exist online. Why can't I simply enter the URL?

Because of the relatively ephemeral lives of websites, we encourage you to upload a pdf copy of your web page.


We were not able to import reliable Advising data this year, though this remains our goal for future years.

What information do I need to provide under "Advising"?

Each department has different requirements for this section (whether to list all individual student names for majors, minors, doctorate, masters, dissertation, etc.) Please follow the instructions of your department chair. To see what information is currently on file, select the "add/edit data" option.


Faculty must verify their reports for accuracy and completeness.  To verify reports, go to Part 4: Final Step and select "Verify Report Completion."  Click the ADD A NEW ITEM Button.  Enter the date and click the SAVE AND RETURN button.