Proposal Evaluation Program

The Proposal Evaluation Program provides faculty members with an opportunity to submit their scientific and research plans for external funding to a panel of reviewers ahead of the funding sponsor deadline.

The goal of this program is to provide an assessment of a research plan’s merit and likelihood for funding. Applicants must suggest potential reviewers, both internal and external. This program is available to all Arts & Sciences faculty.

Timeline and Steps

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Step 1 - At least 60 days before sponsor deadline

Submit a request for proposal evaluation. Provide basic information on the funding opportunity, the sponsor, project narrative, deadline, and suggested reviewers, both internal or external to WashU. The Vice Dean for Research will solicit the reviewers.

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Step 2 - At least 30 days before sponsor deadline

Submit a draft of your scientific research plan. Provide information including the funding sponsor, proposal deadline, and be prepared to upload your document.

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Step 3 - 2 weeks before sponsor deadline

The Vice Dean of Research will provide you with the review comments