New Ampersand Course Innovation Grants Application

The College of Arts & Sciences and Ampersand and First-Year Programs are looking for proposals for new Ampersand programs. Ampersand programs are small, multi-semester innovative courses designed to engage first-year students in the exciting work of the university – creating new knowledge. In addition to providing in-depth focus on a topic or cluster of topics within a seminar-style environment, most Ampersand programs offer unique opportunities for first-year students, such as international and domestic travel, research, and community engagement. Ampersand’s co-curricular programming is supported by the College of Arts & Sciences, which is committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of financial means, can participate fully in the rich offerings of these enriching programs.

Applications are due Nov. 10, 2023 by 5 p.m.

Information about eligibility, funding amount, and application requirements can be found on the call for proposals page. For questions, contact Trevor Sangrey

I have discussed the viability of this course with relevant department chairs or program directors.


Please drag and drop a budget request below. 

Applicants should submit a one- to two-page proposal that outlines the following: program theme, interested program faculty, learning objectives or course goals, list of specific program classes that will be offered for first-year students (both Fall and Spring semesters), a plan for extra- and co-curricular experiences for the program, and a budget.


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