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Video can engage your audiences in stories ranging from scientific processes and research stories to student experiences and community impact.

The benefits of video

Video, done well, can connect viewers to a person or subject in ways other formats can’t. Globally 82% of all consumer internet traffic will consist of video traffic by 2021. Companies using video receive 41% more web traffic from search than non-users. Given video’s  popularity, it can be an excellent medium through which to tell your story, whether it’s demonstrating an amazing discovery, sharing an alumni journey, or recruiting the next great faculty member, colleague, or student.

Creating an effective video

Effective videos are interesting and engaging and often tell personal stories. Things to keep in mind when creating a video:


The subject, or topic, of a video may include:

  • Faculty/staff/student profiles
  • Research breakthroughs
  • Scientific explanations
  • Research, educational, or program descriptions


A voice that is authentic, friendly, informative and instructive is more engaging for audiences than one that is pedantic or monotone.


The length of the video isn’t as important as the content; people will watch if it is a compelling story. Research shows hooking an audience within the first 10 seconds is very important. Keep in mind that if you plan to share this video on social media, some platforms limit the length of posted videos, so a good general guideline is between 1–3 minutes.

Working with Arts & Sciences Communications

Our team shoots and produces a limited number of videos for ArtSci groups and departments. The videos we produce target a large audience beyond the university and are intended to make a significant, measurable impact, especially toward enhancing our national reputation. Our team is not available to produce videos intended for internal audiences, or grant or paper submissions. Please allow at least one month for video planning and production.

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Working with a vendor

If we don’t have the capacity to produce your video in-house, we can help you find a vendor with the skills and strengths to meet your needs.

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