Branding & Identity

Our brand is much more than logos and colors. It is a story, a collection of experiences, impressions and perceptions. Our brand is what we stand for, and how we distinguish ourselves.

Our brand is, in short, both a promise and an expectation:

We are a supportive community that works together to achieve excellence. This expectation of excellence sets the bar high. We are a place of many stories, many groups, and many missions. We strive to uphold the promise that is our brand in every story we tell and in all of the ways that we tell it.

The Arts & Sciences Communications team is responsible for guiding and strengthening our brand; however, no single group defines it. Every member of our community – faculty, staff, students, trainees and alumni – contributes to shaping and upholding our collective story.

We reiterate and refine our brand every time we identify ourselves as WashU – from the services we provide and the tweets we post, to the signs we erect and the websites we launch.

The resources below will help you communicate our brand in a unified voice to build a cohesive, memorable identity for Washington University School of Arts & Sciences.

Brand & Logo Resources

Existing Logo Sets

Why recreate the wheel? Find existing Arts & Sciences logos and browse our usage guidelines.

Download Logo Sets

New Logos

Individual logos dilute our brand, yet differentiation is important. Learn more about our polices on new logos.

New Logo Information

Social Media Graphics

Use these profile and banner templates to give your social accounts a professional edge.

Find Inspiration for Social Media Graphics

Public Affairs Guidelines

Learn about messaging, nomenclature, voice, social media and visual brand standards, with examples to meet your needs.

Browse Public Affairs Policies

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