Media Relations

share your news with the wider world

Our Approach

Arts & Sciences Communications works closely with our colleagues in WashU Public Affairs to pitch stories to the media. We also work collaboratively with a number of colleagues across campus to write up your news, discoveries, and exciting activities for our internal audiences, alumni, donors and friends of the university, and interested members of the general public. Because we emphasize teamwork and collaboration, you can reach out to any member of our team to begin a conversation. We will make sure you get connected with the expert most well-positioned to help. 

Who to Contact

The Ampersand team - ampersand[at]
Office of Public Affairs, Humanities News - Liam Otten
Office of Public Affairs, Social Sciences News - Sara Savat
Office of Public Affairs, Natural Sciences News - Talia Ogliore

Stories of Interest

There’s no shortage of news in Arts & Sciences. Here are the types of stories that are the best fit for local and national media coverage:

  • Major research news that have the potential to influence the field of study
  • Faculty profiles and news about national awards and honors
  • Significant institutional news and initiatives, such as new programs
  • Student profiles and outcomes
  • Innovations in teaching

Working with Public Affairs

You can always get in touch with your news, and we can help determine the best outlet for your story. Here are some general guidelines for what is covered in news releases and stories produced by Public Affairs and released in The Record.

Major research news and innovations
It’s never to early to get in touch with either the Ampersand team or your Public Affairs contact about upcoming research that would be of broad interest to the public and the media. Generally, several weeks are required to write a news release. Writers work in advance so news releases can be written, approved, and distributed to trusted media in advance of embargoes lifting. 

Faculty profiles
All WashU outlets want to know about scholars and researchers who are leaders in their respective fields or in the community. We also like to hear about faculty with compelling back stories.

Public Affairs writes news releases that cover significant grants that fund research of interest to the public and the media, and the Ampersand features new grants in a monthly research roundup. 

National awards and honors
News releases cover election to the National Academy of Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and announcements about major awards. Other honors and awards are covered in Notables, in The Record.

Campus-wide news and events
Conferences and symposiums occur on campus daily. To be included in the Ampersand, make sure your event is on your website and marked as "shareable." You can also notify The Record, which covers select events that are free and open to the public. 

The Source includes obituaries about current faculty, staff, and students and former faculty who have held leadership positions in Arts & Sciences.

Subject matter experts
We’d like to hear from you if you’re interested in sharing your expertise and perspectives on pressing issues with the news media.