2017-2019 Arts & Sciences Web Redesign Project

The Arts & Sciences ecosystem of websites supports around 1.5 million visitors a year and is an essential communications network for our external audiences and campus community. Regular evaluation and redesign projects ensure that our websites keep pace with evolving requirements, and Arts & Sciences is currently in a redesign cycle to improve both the overall look and functionality of our websites. The current project has three distinct components:

Phase I

The first phase involves the creation of an updated visual design that adheres to university brand guidelines and aligns well with other signature WashU web properties such as wustl.edu and admissions.wustl.edu. Special attention has been given to the need to accommodate the different identities of our many departments and programs while conveying the combined identity of Arts & Sciences.

Phase II

The second phase involves updating and redesigning our large portal or “gateway” websites: the main Arts & Sciences website, the College of Arts & Sciences, The Graduate School, and University College.

Phase III

The third phase involves rolling out the updated theme and functionality to the more than forty departments, centers, and programs in Arts & Sciences. The A&S Web Advisory Committee is closely involved in the planning for this phase.


Where are we now?
The project is currently in Phase III; launching new department websites on a regular basis (see list below)

Who is involved?

This project is managed by the A&S Computing Web Team, under the direction of Ken Keller, and A&S Communications, led by Ebba Segerberg. Please send any questions or comments about the project to artsciwebdesign@wustl.edu

How do departments schedule their redesigns?
To sign up your unit for an updated website or to learn more about this phase of the project, please contact Marcia Mannen.

What improvements and changes can we expect?

  • The adoption of WashU brand standards creates a stronger impact for Arts & Sciences with external audiences by clearly aligning with the University brand. The ampersand – the shorthand for Arts & Sciences—is used throughout not as a logo but as a design element.
  • The new websites will meet a higher standard of web accessibility requirements.
  • This redesign is fully mobile responsive.
  • The new platform offers shared content in several areas: the personnel directory, events, and news. This means that content will be created at the school or department level and can be shared back and forth between sites.
  • Content managers will be able to control what content is published to unit websites.
  • Content managers will be able to clone and repeat events. Event content types will include rsvp forms and maps. 
  • Content managers will have more layout options to choose from.

How will I find my way around the new website?
Our navigation and menu has been changed in order to create a better searching and browsing experience. The navigation has been streamlined, and the main menu items have been significantly reduced. The menu has been moved into the upper right-hand corner and remains in that position regardless of where the user is on a given page. In addition, search bars are placed throughout the site in order to quickly search for what you need. There is a quick links area on the home page to direct current audiences to the most frequently visited pages.

What is the greatest improvement?
The redesigned website offers a far better experience to prospective audiences and our undergraduate students. The interactive browsing experience and enhanced visuals invite engagement and showcase our campus, people, student resources, and academic offerings.


Recent launches in the new theme:

Undergraduate Research
Launched October 2020

Art History
Launched June 2020

Arts & Sciences Virtual Recognition
Launched May 2020

Urban Studies
Launched March 2020

Humanities Digital Workshop
Launched February 2020

Latin American Studies Program
Launched February 2020

Hold That Thought
Launched January 2020

Legal Studies
Launched December 2019

Launched December 2019

Overseas Programs
Launched December 2019

Center for Quantum Sensors
Launched November 2019

East Asian Studies
Launched October 2019

Department of Economics
Launched October, 2019

East Asian Languages and Cultures
Launched September 2019

Film & Media Studies
Launched September 2019

Pre-College Programs
Launched September 2019

Department of Education
Launched August 2019

Political Science
Launched July 2019

Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities
Launched July 2019

American Culture Studies
Launched June 2019

Comparative Literature
Launched June 2019

Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy
Launched June 2019

Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program 
Launched May 2019

Department of English
Launched May 2019

Psychological and Brain Sciences
Launched May 2019

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Launched April 2019

College Writing
Launched April 2019

McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences
Launched March 2019

Department of Chemistry
Launched March 2019

Environmental Studies
Launched February 2019

Inside ArtSci
Launched February 2019

Romance Languages and Literatures
Launched February 2019

Department of Sociology
Launched January 2019

Department of African and African-American Studies
Launched January 2019

Center for the Humanities
Launched January 2019

Department of Classics
Launched January 2019

Department of History
Launched December 2018

Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies
Launched December 2018

Department of Philosophy
Launched December 2018

Religious Studies
Launched December 2018

Launched December 2018

Department of Biology
Launched November 2018

Summer School
Launched November 2018

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Launched November, 2018

Department of Physics
Launched October 2018

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Launched October 2018

Performing Arts Department
Launched September 2018

Department of Anthropology
Launched August 2018

International and Area Studies
Launched August 2018

Department of Music
Launched July 2018

Germanic Languages and Literatures
Launched July 2018

The Graduate School
Launched January 2018 
Point of contact: Shea Ballantine

University College
Launched October 2017 
Point of contact: Jon Hinderliter

Arts & Sciences /College of Arts & Sciences
Launched July 2017
Point of contact: Ebba Segerberg