Staff hires and transitions: Spring 2020

Whether providing critical student support, running research operations, keeping finances on track, or carrying out countless other duties, hundreds of professional staff are essential for the day-to-day business of scholarship and education in Arts & Sciences. The following list reflects staff title changes that occurred September through December 2019. Congratulations to our recent hires and to those who have transitioned into new roles! 



Michele Augustin | Academic Coordinator – Director of Teacher Education, Education

Gretchen Marie Carnoske | Grants and Accounts Specialist, Physics

Patricia Curtis | Operations Manager, The Graduate School 

Erin Lewis | Administrative Coordinator to the Chair, English

Erin Murdock | Director of Graduate Student Affairs, The Graduate School

Katherine Pereira | Research Tech II – Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Tahina Ranaivoarisoa | Research/Lab Assistant, Biology 

Jennifer Ward | Research Coordinator, Earth and Planetary Sciences



Transfers have moved from a different position at Washington University, either within Arts & Sciences or from a different area. 

Dhanalakshmi Subramanian Anbukumar | Staff Scientist, Chemistry

Janae' Brothers | Payroll and HR Associate

Carl M. Hennicke | PC Specialist, Arts & Sciences Computing

Klaus Michael Malolepszy | Technical Support Specialist, Arts & Sciences Computing

Caitlin McCoy | Assistant Accountant II, January Hall Accounting Cluster

Jessica Runiewicz | Director of Enrollment Management and Student Services, The Graduate School

Sara Ryu | Director of Academic Planning, College of Arts & Sciences

Trisha Sutton | Administrative Cluster Supervisor, Umrath Hall Accounting Cluster

Frances Thuet | Senior Computing Systems Manager, Arts & Sciences Computing


New Hires & Rehires

Rehires have previously worked at Washington Univeristy. 

Charlotte Beckum | Assistant Accountant II, Umrath Hall Accounting Cluster

Bettina Bustos | Research Tech I – Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Melanie Bussan | Research Tech I – Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Yonghoon Cho | Research/Lab Assistant, Chemistry

Rachel Diane Dreher | Research/Lab Assistant, Chemistry

Savannah Rose Fuqua | Research/Lab Assistant, Biology

Danae Harris | Administrative Coordinator, Sociology

Alyssa Kimberly McDonald | Administrative Coordinator, Education

Kaitlyne Anne Motl | Administrative Coordinator, Sociology

Rachel Ryan | Clinical Research Coordinator II, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Kenneth Schmidt | Machinist, Physics

Christopher Sherman | Research/Lab Tech II, Biology

Allison Tay | Research Tech I – Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Robert Vittoe | Program Coordinator I, Physics

Veronica Whittemore | Study Abroad Advisor, Overseas Programs

Dustin Wood | Research Programmer Analyst I, Psychological & Brain Sciences