Tenure & Promotion

Guidelines, procedures, and policies regarding tenure and promotion

Policies and Procedures

Academic freedom is the particular freedom of scholars, teachers, and students within the University to pursue knowledge, speak, write, and follow the life of the mind without unreasonable restriction. It is that freedom to be judged as a scholar, teacher or student when judgment is necessary, on the basis of legitimate intellectual and professional criteria, not personal beliefs, political views, religious or other individual preferences, except as these may demonstrably affect intellectual and professional achievement. Fair consideration in making tenure and promotion decisions is achieved through clear, carefully followed procedures.


Tenure-Track Dossier Instructions

Preparation of cases for consideration by the advisory committee on tenure, promotion, and personnel:

The recruitment and retention of an excellent faculty is a top priority for Arts and Sciences at Washington University. The promotion process is an important part of this effort and must be done carefully. What follows below are the guidelines for chairs preparing cases for the Advisory Committee for tenure and for promotion of individuals already tenured, and for appointments to positions with tenure of new faculty. Adherence to these guidelines will make the work easier and expedite the review process. However, they are not meant to restrict the material that the department submits in order to strengthen the case.


Teaching-Track Dossier Instructions

What follows below are the guidelines for chairs preparing cases for teaching-track promotions.