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Arts & Sciences Clusters

Academic and Administrative Cluster

The Academic and Administrative Cluster provides administrative and academic support to multiple academic units. They work with chairs, directors, and faculty to ensure all departmental and programmatic needs are met including departmental staffing, faculty support, course listings, event planning, communications and website, as well as directly supporting departmental leadership. Please check back soon for more information about this cluster. 

Finance Cluster

The Finance Cluster supports operational, budgetary, and financial accounting. Among other responsibilities, the cluster processes financial transactions, assists with financial reporting, gift reporting, pre and post-award management needs, and, in some cases, student billing. The Finance Cluster works closely with department chairs and program directors, faculty members, and departmental staff. 

HR/ Payroll Cluster 

The HR/ Payroll Cluster manages the overall human resources and payroll responsibilities and activities of the assigned departments and units within the cluster.