HR/Payroll Cluster

The HR/Payroll Cluster supports human resources and payroll matters for Arts & Sciences departments. The cluster processes all HR and payroll related tasks including new hires, onboarding, compensation, job, and pay rate changes, leaves, terminations, and transfers, assists with time reporting, vacation, and sick issues, visa processing and verification, and salary sourcing allocations.  The cluster runs and reviews payroll and HR reports for accuracy and makes corrections when needed. The HR/Payroll Cluster works closely with department chairs and program directors, faculty members, and departmental staff.


Best Practices and Notes for Departments 

  • It can take up to two weeks to process a new hire so please communicate this with your department and get the information to your HR Partner in a timely manner.
  • It can take up to three to five days to make changes or add an additional job to an employee.
  • An employee cannot begin working until all of their paperwork has been completed.
  • Send your HR Partner the name of the student prior to hire to check the student’s status in Workday.
  • IF an I9 is needed, please give the student a copy of the I-9 Document List. The student must have their original I-9 documents. Central HR does not accept copies.
  • Always include appointment letters and backup documentation to your HR Partner.
  • Please communicate any changes to an employee in your department to the HR Partner and DON’T assume that they will receive the information from another unit on campus.
  • Provide new hires with the appropriate new hire memo.
  • Provide hourly employees with the ‘Entering Time’ document.
  • Make sure to include all forms and documents for new faculty hires otherwise there will be a delay in processing the hire.

HR/Payroll Information Form

This form is for updating or adding new employee information in Arts & Sciences.

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HR/Payroll Cluster Resources

Access resources and tools for the HR/Payroll Cluster including templates, guides, and more.


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