Guide to Creating Events

Event is a shared content type

An Event is a piece of content with a required date and a number of other optional fields. Event teasers can display on an Event Landing Page, the Home Page, or a Multipurpose Page (or all three!). When a visitor clicks the teaser, it will open up the event page with all of the event details.

How to add an RSVP form to an event

It's important to create a new RSVP form for each event rather than just re-use a generic one. Something in the form should indicate which event the visitor is responding to.

Step 1: Create a new RSVP form

  1. Add Content-> Webform
  2. Add a title that includes the name/date of the event
  3. Add form components (fields you want people to fill in)
  4. (optionally) Click "Email" to set up an email to come to you, the site visitor, or both.

Step 2: Add the form to your event

  1. When creating the event, under RSVP, use the pull-down to choose the RSVP form you just created.

How to add a Map on an Event

To create a map, enter an address in the geolocation field. 

For example:

  • 1234 Main Street, St. Louis, MO 12345.

Fields available in an Event

  • Title
    Whenever a specific talk or event title is available, please use that name without quotation marks in the title field. For example: Three Lives of Michelangelo: Entrepreneur, Aristocrat, Octogenarian. If there is no talk title available, please specify the department and type of event in the title field. For example: Chemistry Colloquium 
         Do not put quotation marks around the talk name in the title.
         Do not put the title in all caps.
         Do not include the date in the title.
  • Feature Event
    Check to feature the event on the event landing page slideshow. Do not feature on events landing page or home page unless you have both a header and a thumbnail image.
  • Featured Home Slideshow
    Check to feature the event on the homepage slideshow. Do not feature on events landing page or home page unless you have both a header and a thumbnail image.
  • Header Image
    This large image displays at the top of the event page, at the top of the event landing page if the event is featured, and on the homepage if the event is promoted to the home slideshow. Because the image displays horizontally, please do not include posters or headshots in this area. Do not have text on this photo or it will be cut off and will not be accessible.
  • Thumbnail
    If no image is uploaded, a default image will display. Even if your event page does not display thumbnails, we recommend including a thumbnail image whenever possible. The Arts & Sciences calendar, as well as other departments that may want to import your events, do display thumbnails. Do not have text on this photo or it will be cut off and will not be accessible.
  • Intro Text
    This area should contain the speaker name and title. For example: Jane Doe, Professor of American Studies at Washington University in St. Louis
  • Description
    The description area can contain any information that would be helpful for an event attendee, such as speaker bio or paper abstract. If the text is copied from another document, please remember to highlight the text and click the clear formatting button in the toolbar after pasting. 
  • Event Category
  • Event Date TBD
    If this checkbox is selected, the event will display at the beginning of your event landing page
  • Event Date
  • All Day
    Select this if you do not want to enter a start time.
  • Show End Date
    Select this to show the end time.
  • Date
  • Time
  • New-> Event Contact (an email address)
  • Location
  • Additional Location Information
  • Geolocation Address
    Please enter the full address where you would like the event marker to display. For example: 1234 Main Street, St. Louis, MO 12345.
  • External URL
    Events with this field will display the event as a lightbox before prompting the user to leave the site to view the event on the originating site.
  • Button Text
    If no text is specified, the default "MORE INFO" will show.
  • Button URL
  • RSVP Form
    Select an RSVP form to attach to the event. If left blank, no RSVP button will display. If selected, the chosen form will display once the user selects RSVP.
  • Search
    This field can be used to boost the priority of this content within the internal site search.
  • shared_content_xml
    On an imported event, this field shows the web address of the originating site.
  • shared_content_subscribers
    This will display the web addresses of any sites that have imported this event.

How to add an event that is from a non-Arts & Sciences website (does not use content sharing)