An Audacious Moment

"To chart the future of our school is an immensely exciting opportunity, and to do it successfully, we need all hands on deck." -Dean Feng Sheng Hu

Arts & Sciences launches strategic planning effort

Through a comprehensive strategic planning process, Arts & Sciences will define an audacious, shared vision and plan for the school’s next decade.


Feng Sheng Hu, dean of Arts & Sciences and the Lucille P. Markey Distinguished Professor, has announced the launch of a five-phased strategic planning process for Arts & Sciences at Washington University. Throughout 2021, Arts & Sciences will define a vision and plan for the school’s future that centers on three principles:

  • Academic distinction
  • Excellence in education
  • Diversity, inclusion, and access

"I would like for us to dream big," said Hu. "I believe the 2020s will be a pivotal time for Arts & Sciences. Our strategic planning is a critical step forward in articulating our vision and garnering the resources and support we need to realize that vision."

The strategic planning process hinges on thoughtful, authentic engagement with the entire Arts & Sciences community. Hu welcomes feedback from all faculty, staff, and students over the coming months.

Learn more and share your thoughts on the Arts & Sciences Strategic Planning website.