Staff hires and transitions: Fall 2019

Whether providing critical student support, running research operations, keeping finances on track, or carrying out countless other duties, hundreds of professional staff are essential for the day-to-day business of scholarship and education in Arts & Sciences. The following list reflects staff title changes that occurred between May 1 and September 4, 2019. Congratulations to our recent hires and to those who have transitioned into new roles! 


Richard Bose | Senior Research Engineer, Physics

Christopher Cella | Distribution/Warehouse Manager, Institute for School Partnership

Rachel Dunaway | Administrative Coordinator - Department/Faculty Support, Philosophy

Jessica Flannigan | Administrative Coordinator, Music

Crystal Gammon | Director of Communications, Arts & Sciences

Susan McKinney | Administrative Coordinator - Academic/Student Support, Philosophy

Jeanne Norris | Lead Instructional Specialist, Institute for School Partnership

Ebba Segerberg | Associate Dean of Academic Planning, Arts & Sciences

Eric Uhlemeyer | Lead Warehouse Assistant, Institute for School Partnership


Transfers are moving from a different position at Washington University, either within Arts & Sciences or from a different area. 

Marissa Engeling | Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean

Elizabeth Gilmore | Assistant Dean and Academic Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences

Brian Harting | Administrative Coordinator, January Hall Administrative Cluster

Lisa Marie Kuehne | PLTL Coordinator, Mathematics and Statistics

Erin Murdock | Graduate Education Analyst, Graduate School

New Hires & Rehires

Rehires have previously worked at Washington Univeristy. 

Jessica Leigh Bockskopf | Field Placement Specialist, Education

Christopher Bont | Faculty Assistant, Chemistry

Alexandra Brown | Administrative Coordinator, January Hall Administrative Cluster

Andrew Burghoff | Greenhouse Assistant, Biology

Sarah Chiang | Research/Lab Tech II, Chemistry

Stuart Condit | General Service Assistant, Institute for School Partnership

Kristalyn Cooksey | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Cynthia Curtis | Accounting Assistant II, January Hall Administrative Cluster

Allyson Didier | Administrative Coordinator, Writing 1

Anthony Farace | Faculty Assistant, Anthropology

Mattie Ann Gottbrath | Coordinator for International Programming, International and Area Studies

Matthew Howard | Research/Lab Assistant, Chemistry

Kelly Johnson | Faculty Assistant, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Matthew Kelley | Administrative Assistant, Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities

Jennifer Kinnison | Research Tech II, Chemistry

Katherine Luking | Staff Scientist, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Heather Milo | Instructional Specialist, Institute for School Partnership

Whitney Morgan | Assistant Director of Overseas Programs, Overseas Programs

Carlyn Muehlhauser | Faculty Assistant, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Sheila Munsell | Peer-Led Team Learning Coordinator, Physics

Taylor Pottgen | Project Coordinator, Chemistry

Savannah Rodriguez | Research/Lab Assistant, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Jacob Schroeder | Faculty Assistant, Physics

Sawsan Salah | Human Subject Coordinator, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Shreya Sodhi | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Wiwik Sudiar | Accounting Assistant II, McMillan Hall Administrative Cluster

Mary Sullivan | Administrative Assistant, Physics

Shreya Tripathy | Faculty Assistant, Chemistry

Marie Wild | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

David Winstein-Hibbs | Web Developer and Programmer, Arts & Sciences Computing

Benjamin Worley | Administrative Assistant, Music

Zhuoran Zhang | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Amanda Zinke | Administrative Assistant, Biology