Staff hires and transitions: Fall 2020

Whether providing critical student support, running research operations, keeping finances on track, or carrying out countless other duties, hundreds of professional staff are essential for the day-to-day business of scholarship and education in Arts & Sciences. The following list reflects staff title changes that occurred from January–September 2020. Congratulations to our recent hires and to those who have transitioned into new roles! 



Matthew Autry | from Faculty Assistant to Lab Supervisor - Program Coordinator, Chemistry

James Graflage | from Machinest to Shop Supervisor, Chemistry

Matt Kwiatkowski | from Animal Caretaker to Animal Care Technician III, Biology

James Perkins | from Ensemble Coordinator and Technical Director to Technical Director/Audio Engineer/Orchestra Manager, Music

Alison Redden | from Senior Lecturer to Manger of Financial Operations, Chemistry

Janna Schmitt | from Payroll and Accounting Coordinator to Business Manager, The Graduate School

Frances Thuet  | from Senior Computer Systems Manager to Associate Director for Science & Research Technology, Arts & Sciences Computing

Michaela Voss | from Research Tech I-Social Science to Research Tech II-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Jennifer Ward | from Lead Mission Archivist to Research Coordinator, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Angela Wilson | from Assistant Dean and Registrar to Associate Dean, The Graduate School




Transfers have moved from a different position at Washington University, either within Arts & Sciences or from a different area. 

Amanda Albert | Instructional Specialist, Arts & Sciences

Shawn Cummings | Pre-Health Coordinator Academic Advisor, College of Arts & Sciences

Deborah Hesse | Payroll/HR Associate, Physics

Jennifer Masterson | Manager of Financial Operations, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Lindsey Miller | Administrative Coordinator, Sociology

Megan Radcliff | Instructional Specialist, Arts & Sciences

Sara Ryu |  Director of Academic Planning, College of Arts & Sciences

Danielle Schulte | Grant/Administrative Coordinator, Chemistry

Isabel Shen | Research/Lab Tech II, Chemistry

JoAnn Urban | Contract & Grant Coordinator, Physics

Tegan Von Neupert | Administrative Assistant, English

Christopher Wally | Project Manager & Evaluator, HHMI Project, Biology

Alessandra York | Instructional Specialist, Biology

Elise Walck-Shannon | Instructional Specialist, Biology


New Hires & Rehires

Rehires have previously worked at Washington Univeristy. 

Eva Bacmeister | Research/Lab Assistant, Biology

Simone Becque | Marketing and Communications Manager, Arts & Sciences Communications

Braxton Bell | Research/Lab Assistant, Chemistry

Rachel Brough | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Landon Brown | Animal Caretaker, Biology

Nancy Cummings | Administrative Assistant II, The Graduate School

Christopher Davies | Senior Machinist, Chemistry

Alden Dunham | Research/Lab Tech II, Chemistry

Julia Ermel | Research Tech II-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Christopher Hall | Research Tech II-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Rose Hores | Faculty Assistant, Anthropology

Dorothy Geisz | Administrative Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences

YuShin Lee | Faculty Assistant, Chemistry

Siyan Liu | Research Tech I-Social Science, Anthropology

Karina Malkovsky | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Kelly March | Accounting Assistant, Physics

Lauren Marr | Faculty Assistant, Anthropology

Matthew Murphy | Research/Lab Tech II, Chemistry

Jamesa Pilat | Clinical Service Rep II, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Daniel Quintero | Research Tech II-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Tina Ruedlin | Research/Lab Tech II, Biology

Kimia Saadatian | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Maggie Siemer | Business Manager, Anthropology

Kyle Trojahn | Administrative Coordinator, Education

Robert Vittoe | Peer-Led Team Learning Program Coordinator, Physics

Neil Vuppala | Faculty Assistant, Chemistry

Andrew White | Research/Lab Tech II, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Thomas White | Research/Lab Tech II, Chemistry