Staff hires and transitions: Fall 2021


An enormous number of people and skill sets are needed to carry out research and teaching in Arts & Sciences. Across disciplines, staff members in a wide variety of roles provide essential contributions and support. Please join us in welcoming more than 40 recent staff hires and congratulating those who have transitioned into new roles! The following list reflects staff title changes that occurred from February–September 2021. 



Cecily Hawksworth | from Academic Coordinator, Germanic Languages and Literatures, to Academic Advisor, College of Arts & Sciences

Sarah Hennessey | from Academic Coordinator, English, to Academic Advisor, College of Arts & Sciences

Amber Noland | from Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Research, to Academic Advisor, College of Arts & Sciences

Sarah O'Donnell | from Administrative and Academic Coordinator to Supervisor Shared Business Services, Finance and Administration Cluster

Tahina Ranaivoarisoa | from Research Lab Assistant to Research Lab Supervisor, Biology

Carissa Re | from Administrative Coordinator I to Administrative Coordinator II, Economics

Faith Stemmler | from Temporary Position to Research/Lab Assistant, Biology

Tegan Von Neupert | from Administrative Assistant to Administrative Coordinator I, English


New Hires, Rehires, and Transfers

Rehires have previously worked at Washington University. Transfers have moved from a different position at the university, either within Arts & Sciences or from a different area. 

Uma Banerjee | Faculty Assistant, Chemistry

Marshall Barrington | Research/Lab Technician II, Chemistry

Jaya Bhat | Payroll/HR Associate, Physics

Mariah BoClair | Research/Lab Technician II, Chemistry

Sheila Brown | Faculty Assistant, Chemistry

Lori Turner Corzine | ENDURE Program Assistant, Biology

Alicia Dean | Administrative Coordinator II, Center for the Humanities

Joseph Fritsche | Research/Lab Technician II, Chemistry

Alexandra Gray | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Rhiannon Graybill | Assistant Dean and Academic Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences

Andrew Guertin | Faculty Assistant I, Earth and Planetary Sciences

Thomas Hayek | Greenhouse Assistant, Biology

Deborah Jaegers | Administrative Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities

Olivia Jäggi | Research Tech II-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Blake Grossenheider | Laboratory Dishwasher, Biology

Elizabeth Hogan | Interim Director of Choral Activity, Music

Nicolette Horning | Administrative Coordinator, English

Yingkun Hou | Faculty Assistant I, Anthropology 

Patrick Hunnicutt | Research/Lab Assistant, Chemistry

Diana Silva José-Edwards | Director of the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program and Coordinator of STEM Diversity Initiatives, College of Arts & Sciences

Noelani Kelly | Administrative Coordinator I, American Culture Studies

Aaron Kiser | Administrative & Academic Coordinator, Busch Administrative Cluster

Mary Kleinman | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Matthew Kummer | Faculty Assistant, Chemistry

Victor Lasehinde | Research/Lab Technician II, Biology

Shelly Lohr | Administrative Assistant I, Biology

Ashley June Moore |  Director of Programmatic Initiatives, College of Arts & Sciences

Izilda Amber Pereira-Jorge | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Elizabeth Pippert Larson | Associate Director of Research & Administration, Weidenbaum Center

Chavez Rodriguez | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Keenan Ronayne | Research/Lab Technician II, Biology

Michael Sanders | Faculty Assistant II, American Culture Studies

Angela Schultz | Contract and Grant Coordinator, Umrath Administrative Cluster

Ashley Schuman | Project Coordinator II, Chemistry

Michael Stephan | Greenhouse Assistant, Biology

Isaiah Spears | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Nick Terzich | Research/Lab Tech II, Chemistry

Yen Vu | Research/Lab Tech II, Chemistry

Marylin Willison | Faculty Assistant, Psychological & Brain Sciences

Andy Xu | Research Technician, Chemistry

Thea Zalabak | Research Tech I-Social Science, Psychological & Brain Sciences