Print Communications

Print communications remain a vital part of an effective strategic communications arsenal, even in this digital age

Collaborating with Arts & Sciences Communications

We focus our efforts primarily on projects that involve the highest strategic priorities of the school and its major administrative groups. But no matter your need, we’ve got you covered. If you are working directly with Arts & Sciences Communications on a strategic marketing project, you will be assigned a project team. The team will assess your goals and then design a communications plan to meet them. Print services include the following:

Writing and Editing
Staff editors can either polish your existing content or generate new content, based on interviews with your group members or on background materials you provide.

In-house photographers are sometimes available to shoot new photography for no charge. We can also check our extensive image library to see whether appropriate existing imagery might be available, free of charge. Otherwise, photographers in Public Affairs can be hired for a fee.

Graphic Design
Our graphic designer works in professional layout programs to create impactful products within brand standards. We will also pull in our Public Affairs colleagues for their design expertise if we deem it necessary.

Production Management
Your project team will acquire pricing, select a print vendor, and manage the production process with the vendor through to delivery.

Consultation and Referrals

No matter your situation, we can offer our expert services or refer you to outside professionals to meet your project needs. Request a consultation, and we’ll be in touch.

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