Resolution to Reinstate Credit for ROTC Courses

The awarding of credit for Military Sciences (I25) courses has been prohibited since a resolution was adopted by a Faculty Senate vote on April 14, 1970.  The Curriculum Committee recommends that the Arts & Sciences faculty reinstate the awarding of credit to Arts & Sciences students who successfully complete courses offered through the ROTC program.

  1. The courses will be categorized within the allowable units (30 maximum) that students earn from courses offered by the Olin School of Business, the School of Engineering, University College, or the Sam Fox School and will not count toward the 90 units (minimum) of Arts & Sciences credit required for the A. B. degree.  I25 courses at the 300 level and above will receive a letter grade and will count toward a student’s GPA.
  2. The syllabi of all ROTC courses must be reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Committee of Arts and Sciences to be authorized for credit.  Any significant changes to course content, modes of assessment, or instructor of previously approved courses must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee for approval.
  3. ROTC courses are open to all Arts and Sciences students who have met listed prerequisites.
  4. Credit will be awarded for no more than one course per semester for a maximum of 16 units.