Social Media Guide

If you get social on behalf of the school, get to know the school's and the university's social media policies.


Operating a social media account that represents an official school unit–departments, programs, centers, or labs–isn't like managing a personal account. Since you are seeking to represent the university in a public space, there are specific guidelines and policies for how best to manage the account. Due to these unique responsibilities, these guidelines seek to serve as an addendum to the Washington University in St. Louis social media policies and provide further guidance in areas unique to the Arts & Sciences mission.

Specifically, these guidelines apply to:

  • Any Arts & Sciences department, program, center, or laboratory with a social media account, which is considered as "official," operated by, and/or owned by WashU faculty or staff. Having a student oversee the account temporarily does not exempt you from the above.
  • Faculty and staff members that identify themselves with WashU and/or use their WashU email address in social media venues for deliberate professional engagement or casual conversation.

In addition, if your social media account includes the likeness of any member of the general public – including an individual’s photo, video, audio or testimonial – you are requested to obtain the necessary consent by obtaining the individual’s signature on an official media release form.

We expect all who participate in social media on behalf of WashU to understand and follow these guidelines and the university’s social media policies.

Social media platforms are always evolving. These policies and guidelines apply, but are not limited, to sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, SnapChat, Periscope, iTunes, blogs, web feeds such as RSS, community forums and chat rooms, list serves and other forums.

The Arts & Sciences Communications team oversees the school’s official presence on social media sites and works in conjunction with the university’s Office of Digital Communications & Marketing to develop, review, approve, monitor, amend, and when necessary, remove Arts & Sciences social media pages or sites.

Representation of your school, department, program, laboratory, or WashU unit on social media platforms can only be initiated through, and authorized by, Arts & Sciences Communications.

If you need social media assistance, please contact Arts & Sciences Communications.

Social Media FAQ

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