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Office of Institutional Equity

Affiliated Faculty Appointments Guidelines (pdf)

information regarding primary, joint, and affiliated appointments

Alternative Work Schedules

information regarding work hours and requests for alternative schedules

ArtSci Website Guide

learn how to create, edit, and share content in the new ArtSci web theme

Branding & Logo Policies

review WashU branding and logo policies

Budgetary Assistant Guide

summary of BA responsibilities & financial policies

Canvas Minimum Use Course Checklist (pdf)

This checklist guides instructors to meet the expectations of the Arts & Sciences Policy on Minimum Use of Canvas in Undergraduate Courses.

Canvas Minimum Use Policy (pdf)

Arts & Sciences Policy on Minimum Use of Canvas in Undergraduate Courses

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Enhancing WashU’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Chair's Calendar (pdf)

a month-by-month guide for department chairs

Chairs and Directors Guidebook (pdf)

includes important dates and policies

Computer Replacement Program

policy on routine replacement of Arts & Sciences computers

Course Numbering Guidelines (pdf)

Course Scheduling Guidelines (pdf)

Credit Unit Definitions

Curriculum Proposal Forms

includes new course proposal form, cultural diversity proposal form, and more

Departmental Review of Teaching Credentials to Maintain University Accreditation Status (PDF)

Departmental Reviews and Assessment

Diversity & Inclusion at WashU

As a community, we are united in our commitment to justice and racial equity.

Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Policy

Faculty Activity Reporting

Faculty Appointments at Other Educational Institutions

policy regarding faculty appointments outside of WashU

Faculty Information Handbook

collection of university-wide policies affecting faculty

Faculty Leaves and Course Releases

tenure-track faculty academic leave, sabbatical, and course release information

Faculty Search and AAMC Guidelines

find information regarding tenure track faculty search and aamc processes

First-Year Program Resources

find forms and resources for creating or updating a first-year program

Flexible Work Location Guidelines for Staff

guidelines intended to provide flexibility and support to make work arrangement decisions in a fair and consistent manner

Full-time teaching-track faculty search and renewal request form

request form for new full-time teaching-track faculty searches and renewals of current teaching-track fauclty positions

Full-Time Teaching Track Policy (pdf)

document defining the nature of teaching appointments

Graduate Grade Appeals Policy

Graduate Incomplete Grades Policy

policy on grad student eligibility for incomplete grades

Grant Application Information for Faculty with Chair or Director Appointments

language for chairs and directors to add to budget proposal justification narratives

Guide to Processes and Timelines for Curriculum Proposals

Guidelines for Instructor and Student Absence

guidelines for absence from class due to illness

Guidelines for Utilization of Undergraduate TAs

policies that standardize TA procedures

H-1B Premium Processing Fee Exception (pdf)

form regarding expedited processing of H-1B visa applications

Habif Health and Wellness Center

HLC Proxy Access Request

Honorary Appointment Policy (pdf)

standards and procedures for honorary appointments to persons who are not employed by Washington University

Human Resources & DEI at WashU

Human Resources and Related Matters

information for chairs and directors about HR and related matters

Information Technology Policies

by using WashU IT services, you consent to WashU IT policies that may include terms of use, security, and licensing guidelines.

Institutional Biological & Chemical Safety Committee

The IBC oversees research involving recombinant DNA, infectious or potentially infectious agents, and/or hazardous chemicals

Joint Appointments Procedures for Faculty

procedures for hiring, promotion, tenure, and workload

Manual of Procedures for Faculty (pdf)

summary of current procedures for the governance of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Postdoctoral Appointments

information regarding types of appointments, titles, research and teaching, funding, and more

Postdoctoral Education Policy

appointment classifications, statement on compensation and benefits, and more

Professor of Practice Policy

appointments and terms for POPs

Raises Statement

expectations regarding the timing and amount of salary increases

Research Professor Guidelines (pdf)

regulations applicable to appointments of research professors of all ranks

Request a Photo or Video

Residency Policy

expectations for faculty to be physically present and available to students and colleagues

Salary Caps, N.I.H.

salary cap summary from the National Institutes of Health

Severe Weather Policy

Siteimprove Guide

learn how to test for broken links, misspellings, and web accessibility

Social Media Guide and Policies

review WashU's guide and policies for social media

Spouse Recruitment Statement

guidelines for extending an offer of employment to a domestic partner or spouse

Teaching-track performance evaluation guidelines and template

document outlining guidelines for evaluating performance of teaching-track faculty

Telecommuting policy

Tenure and Promotion

policies, forms, and instructions related to tenure and promotion

Undergraduate Grade Appeals Policy

Undergraduate Incomplete Grades Policy

policy on student eligibility for incomplete grades

Web Accessibility

learn how to create accessible web content, media, & documents

Newsletter and Email Guide

Information for people sending to email lists

Internal Teaching Grant Opportunities

Arts & Sciences supports the development of pedagogical work through several internal grant opportunities.

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